The Benenden Village Trust owns and maintains a major group of assets given to the Parish a century ago for the benefit and recreation of all.

The Trust is responsible for:

  • promoting facilities for recreation and leisure in Benenden and Iden Green
  • the bequests of Lord Rothermere in memory of his sons, Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth and Vere Sidney Harmsworth - the recreation fields in Benenden and Iden Green, and St George's Hall.
  • the Trust is managed by Trustees elected by Members
  • Membership is open to all aged over 18 living in the Parish and to representatives of organisations and businesses within the Parish.

The Trust invites all residents of Benenden Parish over 18 to sign up as MEMBERS.
Please go to the membership page to find information and an online application form. Membership is FREE!


Playground on Benenden Recreation Field


The Trust is very disappointed by recent vandalism at Benenden Playground, a space primarily provided for children.

One of the entrance gates to the playground has been ripped off its hinges, causing damage to the fence post, the latch and the spring closer. There are also fence slats which have been removed and are missing.

There will be costs incurred in making the repairs, and the gate will have to be tied up until the repair work can be carried.

The Trust makes an appeal that all facilities provided are treated with respect and care.



Trustees are pleased to announce the appointment of John Betts as the new Village Hall Manager/Caretaker.

Click here for Village Hall contact details and office opening hours

Trustees thank Holly for her work over the past 3 years and wish her well for the future.



Current Board of Trustees : 

Kent Barker, Simon Brown, Athena Cripps, Tom Dawlings (Vice Chair), Martin Dickson (Chair), Julie Lewis, Sally Ann Marks, Chris Parkinson, Richard Stubbings and Paul Tolhurst.


If you feel that you have a particular skill or interest that you can bring to the Trust please contact any Trustee or the Trust Manager. 


November 2022 News

  • Trustees are pleased to announce the co-option of Chris Parkinson and Paul Tolhurst as Trustees.
  • The current board of Trustees is : Kent Barker, Simon Brown, Athena Cripps, Tom Dawlings (Vice Chair), Martin Dickson (Chair), Julie Lewis, Sally Ann Marks, Chris Parkinson, Richard Stubbings and Paul Tolhurst.
  • Karen Saunders, the Village Hall Caretaker, has moved on to pastures new. Trustees thank her for her work and dedication to the Hall over the past few years, and wish her well for the future.
  • Chris Heath is currently undertaking the role of caretaker on a temporary basis whilst the Trust carries out a review of the Hall’s staffing needs.
  • A beautiful painting of landmark Benenden buildings has been presented to the Village Hall by the Arts Society High Weald in celebration of its 25th anniversary as a society meeting in the hall every month. The painting, which was specially commissioned from artist Zillah Richards, has been hung in the small hall.
  • The last of three benches funded by Tesco has been installed next to Benenden Playground.
  • The Trust’s tree surgeon has completed the scheduled tree maintenance work for this year, and additionally carried out some work to the large beech tree in the garden of St George’s Hall.
  • The Trust welcomes feedback and ideas from members, either to individual trustees or to Caroline Levett, BVT Manager, at The next annual general meeting of the Trust will take place on Monday 31st July 2023.